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Pop!_OS is an open source Ubuntu Based operating system. PopOS uses APT and Flatpak package management, making it easy to install, uninstall and update.

Website: PopOS

PopOS Company Profile

Name Details
Founded 2005
Founder Carl Richell and Erik Fetzer
Industry Linux OS
Headquarter Denver, Colorado, United States.

PopOS Contacts

  • Email: Unknown
  • Phone: (720) 226-9269
  • Facebook: @system76
  • Twitter: @system76

PopOS Features and Products

PopOS features and products include Installation encryption, Rolling updates, Reset OS, No data collection or storage, Automatic firmware updates

PopOS Integration

PopOS works well with System76, Spotify, blender, Steam, Chromium, Mozilla Firefox, Visual studio code, Atom, VLC, Dropbox, Slack, Discord, Messenger

Extra Information

  • License: Free, Open Source
  • API: Not available
  • Partnership Available: None

Tool Category: Top 13 Linux Distributions and Operating Systems

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