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H&R Block is a platform where you can hire a professional to assist you with IRS income tax filing. H&R Block also has a software that you can install on your PC to help you with tax filing preparation.

Website: H&R Block

H&R Block Company Profile

Name Details
Founded 1955
Founder Henry W. Bloch and Richard Bloch
Industry Finance
Headquarter Kansas city, Missouri, United States.

H&R Block Contacts

  • Email: hrblockanswers@hrblock.com
  • Phone: 18004725625
  • Facebook: @hrblock
  • Twitter: @hrblock

H&R Block Features and Products

H&R Block features and products include Tax calculator, Refund transfer, w-4 calculator, In-person audit support, Migrate from TurboTax, Add tax forms

H&R Block Integration

H&R Block works well with Windows

Extra Information

  • License: Free, Subscription
  • API: Not available
  • Partnership Available: None

Tool Category: Top 9 Online Tax Filing Software in USA

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