Top Blogging Tools List of 2023

List of the top 100+ best blogging tools according to popularity that bloggers should use to start, manage and grow a blog that users and search engines love. They include CMS platforms, writing software, web hosting platforms, landing page builders, SEO tools, etc. Open-source and free tools maintain the top positions of the most popular blogging tools

Overall, in my over 10 years of career as a blogger, I have found that selecting the best blogging tool boils down to price, features offered, performance, scalability, onboarding process, integrations, and customer support or help resources available.

551. Lander App

Lander App logo

Lander App is a software that is used for building user-friendly landing pages. It comes with ready-made landing templates.


552. Citrix ShareFile

Citrix ShareFile logo

ShareFile is a file sharing company owned by Citrix. ShareFile is the recommended file sharing platform for established businesses as it offers advanced security to files in transit.


553. FileCloud

FileCloud logo

FileCloud is a platform that is used to securely share and backup files. FileCloud offers unparalleled security, file storage, and collaboration that is ideal for Enterprises. You can pay for FileCloud server which gives you the option to run your own private file sharing and storage system.


554. Workzone

Workzone logo

Workzone is a project management software with a powerful project dashboard to keep teams focused on getting work done.


555. Bigtime

Bigtime logo

Bigtime is a software that is used for time tracking, project management, billing, and invoicing. Use its open API to integrate with your favorite tool or software.


556. Abantecart

Abantecart logo

Abantecart is a free eCommerce website builder application. It is built in PHP and supports the MySql database.


557. Hurdlr

Hurdlr logo

Hurdlr is a mobile app that is mostly used by drivers for expense and mileage tracking.


558. ActiTime

ActiTime logo

actiTIME is a time tracking software. You can use it to create a project timeline, assign it to your teams and track the time taken. It has an API that you can use to integrate with your favorite accounting and project management software.


559. SecureTrust

SecureTrust logo

SecureTrust is a company that provides PCI security compliance. It also provides other web security solutions like digital certificates. SecureTrust is part of Trustwave Holdings, Inc (a cybersecurity company).


560. Ruzuku

Ruzuku logo

Ruzuku is a platform that is used for launching online courses. Ruzuku provides a ready-to-use digital eCommerce system that you can use to sell your courses on your website.


561. Tickspot

Tickspot logo

Tickspot is a time tracking software. It comes with a simple interface that you can use to keep track of time spent on your projects and activities.


562. NativeScript

NativeScript logo

NativeScript is a free framework that is used to build mobile applications for Android and iOS. It makes it easy to directly access native platforms API using JavaScript, Vue, React, Ionic, Angular, Typescript, etc.


563. logo is a software that is used for filing federal and state tax returns. Once you sign to 1040, the software will ask you some questions and use the answers to provide you with tax credits and deductions that you qualify for.


564. CleverPush

CleverPush logo

CleverPush is a platform that is used for sending push notifications to website browsers and mobile devices. It also supports Facebook Messenger, app push, telegram messenger, chat, wallet push, and SMS.


565. BullGuard

BullGuard logo

BullGuard is a cybersecurity software that is used for internet security and privacy. It comes with a VPN and antivirus software for mobile and desktop.


566. ISPConfig

ISPConfig logo

ISPConfig is a free and open-source Linux-based web hosting control panel. Some of the Linux distributions that ISPConfig supports include Debian, Ubuntu, and CentOS. ISPConfig comes with a simple and lightweight interface.


567. MasterWriter

MasterWriter logo

MasterWriter is software that is used for songwriting, creative writing and lyric writing. What makes MasterWriter a unique writing software for song and creative writers is its powerful dictionary that contains word families, rhyming words, phrases, synonyms, etc that provides you hundreds of options of words to use. Master is subscription-based software.


568. GeoTrust

GeoTrust logo

GeoTrust is a Digicert company that provides TLS/SSL certificates for business at flexible prices. SSL Certificates offers include DV SSL, ID OV, and ID EV.


569. 3dcart

3dcart  logo

3dcart is a paid eCommerce software that offers all that you need to build a powerful online store.


570. Interworx

Interworx logo

InterWorx is a scalable and secure Linux-based website hosting control panel. It can be used by hosting providers, resellers and website owners to manage domains.


571. WishList

WishList logo

WishList is a software that is used to build membership websites. If you have a website built with WordPress, then you can use the WishList Member WordPress plugin to turn your blog into a membership site.


572. SpellCheckPlus

SpellCheckPlus logo

SpellCheckPlus is an online writing tool that is used for identifying spelling and grammatical problems.


573. Verbit

Verbit logo

Verbit is a platform that is used for audio and video files transcription and captioning. Verbit can be integrated with popular learning management systems (LMC) like Canvas, Blackboard, Brighcove, etc.


574. logo is a platform that is used to develop web, PWA, and mobile apps without coding skills. All that is required to create an app is to log in to the Appery interface, select an app template, drag and drop to design your app UI, connect to the database, preview the app and then publish.


575. Squibler

Squibler logo

Squibler is a web-based application that is used for writing. Some of the writing tools run by Squibler include book wring software, novel writing software, screenwriting software, plot generator, etc. Squibler is a subscription-based writing app. It comes with a 14-day free trial.


576. Openweb

Openweb logo

OpenWeb is a powerful comment system that websites can use to create comment forms. It is used by established websites like Techrucn, Huffpost, Foxnews, Variety, Skysports, billboard, etc. It makes it easy to manage and moderate comments


577. Liberty Tax

Liberty Tax  logo

Liberty Tax is a company that offers personal and business tax preparation(online and in-office). Other services offered by Liberty Tax include ITIN application, Tax debt resolution, car insurance, debt relief, etc.


578. Jpegmini

Jpegmini logo

JPEGmini is an application that is used to reduce photo file size without compromising quality. JPEGmini can be integrated into your server, website, or mobile app through Linux CLI, WebAssembly library, or SDK.


579. SugarSync

SugarSync logo

SugarSync is a platform that is used for file sharing and syncing across multiple devices. Sugarsync also offers the ability to backup documents, photos, music, and movies across devices.


580. Varnish

Varnish logo

Varnish is a powerful open-source web application that is used for website cache. Varnish can be installed for free on your website server to improve performance. Varnish can also be deployed on the cloud or any dedicated hardware.


581. Keepassxc

Keepassxc logo

KeePassXC is a free and open-source password storage and manager platform. It comes with complete database encryption using standard 256-bit AES. KeePassXC password database can be accessed on your desktop software without an internet connection.


582. Truekey

Truekey logo

True Key is a platform operated by McAfee that is used for password management. True Key autosaves your passwords and auto-fills login forms so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting or remembering them.


583. Pushwoosh

Pushwoosh logo

PushWoosh is a marketing platform that is used for sending web push notifications, in-app notifications, and email marketing. Pushwoosh can be integrated with some of the most popular CMS platforms like WordPress and Shopify.


584. MemberMouse

MemberMouse logo

MemberMouse is a WordPress plugin that is used to build a membership website. You can use MemberMouse to sell your digital products to members, offer paid content, and offer training (courses).


585. Sticky Password

Sticky Password logo

Sticky Password is a platform that is used to securely store passwords. Sticky Password can also be used to autofill login forms, auto-fill credit card payment forms, securely share login details, encrypt data, etc.


586. RapidSSL

RapidSSL logo

RapidSSL is a brand of GeoTrust that provides SSL certificate services. RapidSSL offers low-cost and free SSL certificates. RapidSSL accounts are managed by DigiCert.


587. VirtueMart

VirtueMart logo

VirtueMart is a free and open-source eCommerce builder platform. VirtueMart has an API that you can use to integrate third-party applications.


588. Speechpad

Speechpad logo

Speechpad is a platform that is used for human transcription and captioning. You can use Speechpad to convert voice to text, speech to text, and MP3 to text. Speechpad can also be used for subtitles and closed captions.


589. Pushassist

Pushassist logo

PushAssist is a platform that is used for sending push notifications. PushAssist can be integrated with some of the most popular content management systems like WordPress, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, Opencart, etc.


590. MultilingualPress

MultilingualPress logo

MultilingualPress is a premium WordPress plugin that is used to create multilingual WP websites. All you need is to buy the plugin, download it, and install it on your WordPress sites.


591. Memcached

Memcached logo

Memcached is a free and open-source in-memory object caching system. Memcached is mainly used by large tech companies like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia, etc to reduce database load. Unlike other cache applications, Memcached stores its data in memory. The best alternative to Memcached is Redis Cache.


592. Podcastics

Podcastics logo

Podcastics is a podcast hosting platform. You can use it to upload podcasts and distribute them to Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc.


593. MemberClicks

MemberClicks logo

MemberClicks is a software that is used to create a platform for managing members, events, and online communities. MemberClicks is mostly used by professional associations, college alumni, company associations, etc. MemberClicks was acquired by Personify in 2020.


594. Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart logo

Pinnacle Cart is paid eCommerce software for businesses. You can use PinnacleCart on your own hosting or host with them.


595. Ajenti

Ajenti logo

Ajenti is an open-source and free control panel for managing Linux-based servers. Ajenti is recommended is if you are looking for a free and lightweight control panel alternative to Plesk or cPanel.


596. AutoCrit

AutoCrit  logo

AutoCrit is a web-based software that is used by authors to edit manuscripts online. AutoCrit dashboard comes with tools like grammar checker, word choice checker, repetition checker, cliches, redundancies, word change recommendation, etc. AutoCrit subscription also gives you access to AutoCrit Member Community network with private discussion forums and members-only events.


597. IdenTrust

IdenTrust logo

IdenTrust is a digital certificates service provider. IdenTrust is your choice if you are looking for a security company that offers document signing, authentication and encryption.


598. Bear App

Bear App logo

Bear App is a note taking app with an advanced markup editor. It can only be used in iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.


599. s2Member

s2Member logo

s2Member is a free WordPress plugin that is used to protect WordPress posts, pages, categories, and downloadable files. s2Member pro version provides additional features like brute-force login protection, encryption keys, membership levels, anti-spam, redemption codes, and multi-site network.


600. Ulysses

Ulysses logo

Ulysses is a writing application for Mac, iPad, and iPhone devices. Ulysses is popular among writers because of its pleasant and distraction-free interface that increases productivity.


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