Top 100 of the Best Blogging Tools in 2023

List of the top 100+ best blogging tools according to popularity that bloggers should use to start, manage and grow a blog that users and search engines love. They include CMS platforms, writing software, web hosting platforms, landing page builders, SEO tools, etc. Open-source and free tools maintain the top positions of the most popular blogging tools

Overall, in my over 10 years of career as a blogger, I have found that selecting the best blogging tool boils down to price, features offered, performance, scalability, onboarding process, integrations, and customer support or help resources available.

201. 2Checkout

2Checkout logo

2Checkout is one of the most popular and reliable payment gateways that is mostly used by eCommerce websites to process online payments. It is owned by Verifone.


202. Copyscape

Copyscape logo

Copyscape is a plagiarism-checking software that is mostly used by bloggers to check for duplicate content. Copyscape has a powerful API that can be integrated with your CMS to automatically check for duplicate posts before publishing your blog post.


203. Buy Me A Coffee

Buy Me A Coffee  logo

Buy me a Coffee is a simple and powerful platform that is used by creators to accept support and membership from fans. Buy me a coffee is one of the best alternatives to Patreon.


204. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic  logo

AnswerThePublic is a free tool that is used to search for keyword ideas. AnswerThePublic fetches autocomplete data from search engines like Google and then uses the data to provide keyword ideas for the particular search terms.


205. Hubstaff

Hubstaff logo

Hubstaff is a lightweight and powerful work time tracking software. It comes with a powerful dashboard with time tracking, productivity, reporting, GPS tracking, timesheets, and automated payroll capabilities.


206. Themeisle

Themeisle logo

Themeisle is a platform that sells lightweight blogging WordPress themes and plugins. Some of the themes created by Themeisle include Neve Theme, Hestia Theme, Freelancer, etc.


207. Roboform

Roboform logo

RoboForm is a platform that is used for password storage, management, and protection. RoboForm dashboard makes it easy to keep track of popular logins, and password security. RoboForm can be used on desktop browsers, mobile browsers,and mobile apps.


208. DeskTime

DeskTime logo

DeskTime is an automatic time tracking software used by businesses and freelancers. You can use it for tracking daily activities, employee sick leaves, vacations, and time spending.


209. Tinkercad

Tinkercad logo

Tinkercad is a software that is used for creating 3D Designs. It is ideal for teachers, students and 3D designers.


210. Streamlabs

Streamlabs logo

Streamlabs is one of the most powerful free software that is used for live streaming on Windows and Mac. You can use Streamlabs to live stream to multiple platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, etc. Streamlabs is popular among gamers on Twitch.


211. Taboola

Taboola  logo

Taboola is a platform that is used for related or similar posts advertising. If you are looking for an advertising platform where you can sponsor your posts through related posts then Taboola is the best choice. Some of the popular sites where you can advertise through Taboola include Bloomberg, NBCNews, Business Insider, MSN, CBS news, etc.


212. ManageWP

ManageWP logo

ManageWP is a platform that is used for WordPress website backup, monitoring, update, security, and performance check. ManageWP makes it possible to manage several WordPress websites from a single dashboard. ManageWP was acquired by Godaddy in 2016.


213. React Native

React Native logo

React Native (RN) is an open-source JavaScript framework that is used to build native applications for Android and IOS. React Native is powered by Facebook and used by some of the most popular platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Shopify, etc.


214. Restream

Restream logo

Restream is a live streaming software that is used to stream live to over 30 social platforms at once. You can use the free plan with limited features to stream to 30+ channels.


215. Quetext

Quetext logo

Quetext is a plagiarism checking software that is used for checking text originality and correct citation.


216. TeePublic

TeePublic logo

TeePublic is one of the most popular platforms for selling print-on-demand t-shirts. As an artist, all that you need is to create your design, upload it to TeePublic, customize the t-shirt with your design and leave payment processing, printing, and shipping to TeePublic.


217. Plesk

Plesk logo

Plesk is a Linux and Windows-based web hosting control panel software. It is used for building and managing website applications on the cloud. Plesk is one of the best alternatives to cPanel.


218. Jetpack

Jetpack logo

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides services like Security, CDN, Backup, Social Media Integrations, CRM e.t.c. It was founded by Automattic Inc, a company that owns Automattic Inc was founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2005.


219. Freshworks

Freshworks logo

Freshworks CRM is a cloud-based software that is used for managing customer experience. You can use it for capturing leads, converting leads, contact management, and sales management. It was formerly known as Freshsales.


220. Cvent

Cvent logo

Cvent is a software that is used for creating a powerful event management platform. Cvent is ideal for large companies that want to create their own branded event management platform. Cvent offers features like virtual events, in-person events, hybrid events, and webinars.


221. Intercom

Intercom logo

Intercom is a software that is used for creating an advanced business-to-customer communication and messaging platform. Intercom can help your business build a powerful website live chat system, bots email messages, automated answers, etc. It is used by large companies like Facebook, Amazon, Shopify, IBM, Microsoft, etc.


222. Firebase

Firebase logo

Firebase is a Google platform that is used for creating mobile and web applications. You can also use Firebase for cloud storage, app indexing, app distribution and device testing.


223. Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google Ads Keyword Planner logo

Google Ads Keyword Planner is a tool that is used for finding the right keywords that can get your Ad reach your target customers faster. Google Ads Keyword Planner is only available for Google Ads users.


224. Fine Art America

Fine Art America logo

Fine Art America is a platform that is used by artists to sell wall arts, home decor, collections, posters, etc. Fine Art America works like any other print-on-demand but what makes it unique and an ideal platform for buying wall arts is its high quality prints.


225. Podio

Podio logo

Podio by Citrix is a collaboration platform that is used for project management, communication and workflow management.


226. Guru

Guru logo

Guru is a freelance platform that is used for hiring freelancers. All you need is to post a job, receive quotes from freelancers and select the best quote.


227. Prestashop

Prestashop logo

Prestashop is a freemium ecommerce content management system (CMS) platform.


228. Podbean

Podbean logo

PodBean is a powerful podcast hosting platform that can be used to create, promote and monetize podcasts.


229. WP Rocket

WP Rocket logo

WP Rocket is a WordPress plugin that is used for website caching and performance. If well configured, WP Rocket makes your website load faster. Unlike other WordPress cache plugins, WP Rocket has no free version.


230. Libsyn

Libsyn logo

Libsyn is a premium podcast hosting and distribution software that is used by some of the most popular companies and brands.


231. Lucidchart

Lucidchart  logo

Lucidchart is a software that is used to visualize data and create diagrams. If you are looking for a professional software to create architectural diagrams, flowcharts, and visualize data, then Lucidchart is the best option. It has been used by some of the Fortune 500 companies like Google, Okta, NBC, Amazon, Microsoft, T-Mobile, etc. It can be integrated with some of the most popular business apps like Google Workspace, Microsoft Office, Asana, Slack, AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.


232. Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks logo

Hubstaff is a platform that is used to track time. Businesses can use Hubstaff to monitor the progress of team projects.


233. Rev

Rev logo

Rev is a platform that is used for audio and video transcription. Once you upload your file to Rev, it is assigned to a team of freelancers who transcribe it at a fee.


234. Xamarin

Xamarin logo

Xamarin is an open-source Microsoft platform that is used for building cross-platform native mobile applications for Android, Windows, iOS tvOS, watchOS, and macOS. Apps on Xamarin are built with .NET and C#.


235. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout logo

Buzzsprout is an easy-to-use podcast hosting and distribution platform. Buzzsprout is used and recommended by some of the most popular bloggers because of its beautiful player.


236. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes logo

Malwarebytes is an antivirus software that is used to protect against hacking, phishing, ransomware, device virus and malware.


237. TalentLMS

TalentLMS logo

TalentLMS is a learning management system that can be used for building an online learning platform. Examples of use cases include employee training platforms, sales training platforms, partner training, remote training, etc.


238. Venngage

Venngage logo

Venngage is a web-based software that is used for creating Infographics through drag and drop. Some of the templates available for use at the Venngage dashboard include infographics templates, diagram templates, timeline templates, presentation templates, report templates, etc Venngage can also be used to make presentations, flyers, posters, banners, etc.


239. Bitdefender

Bitdefender  logo

Bitdefender is an antivirus software that is used for threat detection and prevention by businesses.


240. Appsheet

Appsheet logo

AppSheet is a platform that is used to create mobile applications without coding. All you need is a website, connect your data to appsheet, then drag and drop to create your app layout in minutes.


241. Clipchamp

Clipchamp logo

Clipchamp is a platform that is used to edit and make videos online. Some of the videos that you can make with ClipChamp include Facebook ads, YouTube intros, Instagram ads, Promotional videos, etc.


242. Panopto

Panopto logo

Panopto is a software that is used for video recording, sharing and livestreaming. Panopto software comes with a number of unique features like video editing, CMS integration, in-video quizzing, Video Capture Hardware etc.


243. aThemes

aThemes logo

aThemes is a platform that sells business WordPress themes. The two themes sold by aThemes are Sydney Theme (for building websites for showcasing a business) and Botiga (for building eCommerce websites powered by WooCommerce).


244. WMPL

WMPL logo

WordPress Multilingual (WPML) is one of the most popular and advanced paid WordPress plugins that is used to translate WP sites to over 40 languages. It is compatible with most WordPress themes and plugins.


245. Ezoic

Ezoic logo

Ezoic is a blog monetization platform for publishers. It is known for its high CPM rates. It is ideal for blogs with a high percentage of US traffic. What makes Ezoic Ads perform well than its competitors is its Ad testing technology that helps publishers find the most performing Ads. One disadvantage of using Ezoic is that it has a terrible onboarding experience. Unlike other ad networks where all that you need to do is to place an Ad code on your website for Ads to display, Ezoic requires a...


246. Spreaker

Spreaker logo

Spreaker is a podcast hosting platform that is used for hosting, creation, distribution, and monetization of podcasts.


247. Society6

Society6 logo

Society6 is a platform that is used by artists to sell print-on-demand designs. As an artist, all you need is to create your artwork or design and select whether it should be printed on a t-shirt, throw pillow, coffee mug, hoodies, etc. Customer payment, printing, and shipping is handled by Society6.


248. SendPulse

SendPulse logo

SendPulse is a platform that is used for digital marketing services. It supports marketing services like email marketing, SMS marketing, chatbots, CRM, landing pages and web push.


249. Podia

Podia logo

Podia is a platform that is used for creating and selling online courses. You can use it on your custom website for selling digital downloads, memberships, offering courses, and webinars.


250. Wufoo

Wufoo logo

Wufoo is an online forms builder platform that is owned by SurveyMonkey. Wufoo provides an easy-to-use online contact form builder platform. It can be integrated with some of the most popular CMS like WordPress, Drupal, Shopify, etc


251. Kobo

Kobo logo

Kobo (also known as Rakuten Kobo) is a platform that is used for selling eBooks and audiobooks. You can self-publish your book for free on Kobo through their self-publishing platform called Kobo Writing Life. Kobo was in 2011 acquired by Rakuten, the largest eCommerce site in Japan.


252. Woorank

Woorank logo

Woorank is a tool that is used for auditing website SEO and performance. Woorank provides suggestions that can help improve your website search rankings.


253. Alison

Alison logo

Alison is an online learning platform that offers free education and skills training courses. You can use Alison to take courses for career development or select courses for specific jobs. You can also pay a monthly subscription to remove adverts, build a CV and receive an attestation letter.


254. WPForms

WPForms logo

WPForms is a drag and drop WordPress form builder WordPpress plugin. As of publishing this post, has 5+ million installations. WPForm can be used to be build contact forms, survey forms, newsletter forms, registration forms, It comes with over 300 templates for building custom forms. It has a free and paid plans.


255. iPage

iPage logo

iPage is a web hosting company that powers over 1 million websites. It is known to have limited one-click software installation. This means that you need some developer skills to install some Software like Joomla. However, if you are a WordPress user, the installation process is seamless. Ipage is part of Endurance International Group (EIG).


256. Sage CRM

Sage CRM logo

Sage CRM is a software that is used for managing customer relationships. You can use it for creating quotes and orders, generating leads, converting them, and forecasting sales.


257. Animaker

Animaker logo

Animaker is a platform that is used for making animated videos without the need of having animation-making skills. Some of the videos that you can create with Animaker include Facebook ads, YouTube intro, YouTube ads, explainer videos, text animation, etc.


258. KWFinder

KWFinder logo

KWFinder is a tool that is used to find keywords with low SEO difficulty and high search volume. You can also use KWFinder to find competitor keywords, keyword that are not profitable and keyword difficulty.


259. Jetpack Backup

Jetpack Backup logo

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that is used for security, performance and marketing. Jetpack backup provides off-site and real time online back up of your WordPress website files and data. The advantage of using Jetpack backup is that it does not require any configuration. Just install the plugin and site backup begins.


260. LanguageTool

LanguageTool logo

LanguageTool is an online grammar, style, and spell checker tool. It has a proofreading API that can be integrated into your writing software or app.


261. Infolinks

Infolinks logo

Infolinks is an advertising platform that is reputable for in-text advertising.


262. Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework logo

Ionic Framework is an open-source platform that is used for cross-platform mobile application development. You can build your app on Ionic Framework with Angular, React, Vue, vanilla JavaScript, etc.


263. Expensify

Expensify logo

Expensify is one of the most powerful expense management software used by reputable companies like Stripe, GitHub, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.


264. logo is an advertising technology company. It offers monetization opportunities for publishers.


265. Spreadshirt

Spreadshirt logo

Spreadshirt is a platform that is used for buying and selling customized t-shirts. As a seller, all you need is to upload your custom design and Spreadshirt will handle payment processing, printing, delivery and customer service.


266. Microsoft Defender

Microsoft Defender logo

Microsoft Defender is a free built-in windows antivirus software. It comes with virus threat protection, account protection, network protection, etc.


267. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt logo

Let’s Encrypt is a non-profit organization that offers free SSL certificates. Let’s Encrypt free SSL certificate can be installed and renewed automatically using your web hosting control panel interface or manually using Cerbot or any ACME client software.


268. Surfshark

Surfshark logo

Surfshark is a virtual private network (VPN) service provider that is used to block ads and prevent tracking.


269. Avira

Avira logo

Avira is a free antivirus software that is used for device security and online privacy.


270. Joomla

Joomla logo

Joomla is an open source content management system (CMS) platform that is used to build blogs. It powers about 2 million small businesses, learning institutions and company websites.


271. Biteable

Biteable logo

Biteable is a web application that is used for creating short videos. Biteable comes with free animations, Unsplash stock images, royalty-free music, Shutterstock clips, etc. Biteable can be used to make Facebook ads, TikTok videos, YouTube ads, YouTube intros, resize images, etc.


272. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache logo

W3 Total Cache is a WordPress cache plugin that is used to improve website performance. W3 Total Cache has over 1 million installations making it one of the most popular WordPress cache plugins.


273. Arch Linux

Arch Linux logo

Arch Linux is a lightweight, simple and modern Linux distribution software. Its packages are optimized for x86-64 processors.


274. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse logo

Agorapulse is a social media management software that is used for social media publishing, monitoring, and engagement. Agorapulse Social media inbox management tool makes it easy to manage Facebook and Instagram comments, organize inboxes according to words or phrases, and respond to social media network messages from one dashboard.


275. Creately

Creately logo

Creately is a web-based application that is used for creating charts, diagrams, and visuals. Creately is ideal if you are looking for an online tool to create flowcharts, organizations charts, swot analysis, sequence diagrams, concept maps, family tee, AWS Architecture, etc. Creately comes with thousands of customizable diagram templates that you can use to create professional diagrams in minutes. Creately is the best alternative to Lucidchart.


276. Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator logo

Zoho Creator is a platform that is used to build business mobile application. Zoho Creator requires minimal coding experience to use its drag and drop interface to create apps


277. Zscaler

Zscaler logo

Zscaler is a cyber security software that is used to protect data on cloud networks. Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform prevents lateral movement threats.


278. Flexclip

Flexclip logo

Flexclip is a platform that is used for creating marketing videos without the need for installing any software. Flexclip can also be used to make slideshows, Memes, GIFs, trim videos, merge videos, etc.


279. Bluejeans

Bluejeans logo

BlueJeans is a software that is used for holding online video meetings. You can use BlueJeans on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer and Edge browser or install desktop app or mobile app.


280. SocialPilot

SocialPilot logo

SocialPilot is a social media scheduling and marketing tool. SocialPilot also provides a social media analytics tool that makes it easy to monitor and analyze social media performance, a Social inbox tool that can be used to respond to comments and messages, and social media calendar for keeping track of posts.


281. ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN logo

ProtonVPN is a VPN service provider with Free and paid plans. It has free and paid plans. The advantage of ProtonVPN free is that it does serve ads.


282. BitWarden

BitWarden logo

Bitwarden is a free and open-source application that is used for password storage and management. Bitwarden has paid plans which offer password management features for groups and teams.


283. DigiCert

DigiCert logo

DigiCert is one of the most popular premium TLS/SSL certificate providers. Large tech companies like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Slack, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc use DigiCert to secure their websites.


284. Instapage

Instapage logo

Instapage is a tool that is used for creating simple but effective landing pages.


285. Leadpages

Leadpages logo

Leadpages is a tool that is used to create landing and sales pages. It comes with built-in checkouts and an online payment system powered by Stripe.


286. Truepush

Truepush logo

TruePush is one of the most affordable software that is used for sending web push notifications. You can use it on some of the most popular CMS like WordPress, and Shopify to send push notifications.


287. OneNote

OneNote logo

OneNote is an application that is part of Microsoft 365 that is used for note taking.


288. Hemingwayapp

Hemingwayapp logo

Hemingway App is a free online text editor that is used for writing and text editing.


289. Zoho Notebook

Zoho Notebook logo

Zoho Notebook is a beautiful free note-taking app that can be used to share and collaborate notes with co-workers across multiple devices.


290. Majestic

Majestic logo

Majestic is a tool that is used for monitoring and checking website backlinks. Majetics comes with a powerful dashboard that can help you get detained information about pages linking to your website, top backlinks, page position, and competitor backlinks.


291. Network Solutions SSL

Network Solutions SSL logo

Network Solutions is a web hosting and domain registration company. It also offers website security-related services like SSL certificates.


292. FreeTaxUSA

FreeTaxUSA logo

FreeTaxUSA is a platform that is used for online tax preparation for United States residents. FreeTaxUSA is an authorized IRS e-file service provider.


293. Animoto

Animoto logo

Animoto is a web application that is used to make short videos. Animoto dashboard comes with free video maker templates, professional fonts, licensed music tracks, and licensed stock photos.


294. Hopin

Hopin logo

Hopin is a powerful application that is used for event management and marketing. Hopin business plan comes with advanced features like website branding, website builder, custom emails, etc. Hopin is ideal for businesses and enterprises. The best alternative for Hopin is Cvent.


295. WordFence

WordFence  logo

WordFence is the most popular free WordPress plugin that is used to provide security for websites using WordPress CMS. As of July 2021, the plugin had over 4 million active installations. WordFence also offers optional paid plans that provide advanced website security features.


296. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 logo

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular contact form builder WordPress plugins. As of publishing this post, it had over 5 million installations. It is available for use for free.


297. HighTail

HighTail  logo

HighTail is a file sharing and collaboration platform owned by OpenText. HighTail file sharing platform makes it easy to send, receive and store files on the cloud. You can share files of 100 MB maximum size and 2GB storage for the free plan.


298. Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog logo

Screaming Frog is a tool that is used to analyze websites for SEO. Screaming Frog can also be used for digital marketing research.


299. Egnyte

Egnyte logo

Egnyte is used for file collaboration and sharing. The key features Egnyte offers include Ransomware protection, privacy compliance, lifecycle management, and API for third-party applications integration.


300. Appypie

Appypie logo

Appy Pie is a software that is used for building mobile applications, websites and chatbots. The benefit of using Appy Pie is that you do not need coding knowledge to develop apps. All you need to build your app is drag and drop.


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