34 Reasons why your Mailchimp account will be suspended

List of reasons why your MailChimp account has been suspended.  

There are chances that you landed on this page because your Mailchimp email marketing account was banned, closed, blocked, restricted, or suspended for violating Acceptable Use Policy or terms of service (TOS) without any specific justification. Below are reasons as to why your account might have been suspended.  

Email Content Suspension 

Sending email campaigns with Content touching on any of the topics listed below is prohibited by MailChimp. 

  • Sending campaigns with adult content 
  • Love finding or hookup content
  • work from home campaigns 
  • Mortgages campaigns 
  • Forex Trading campaigns 
  • Loans campaigns 
  • Herbal supplements campaigns 
  • Financial offers campaigns 
  • Gambling campaigns 
  • Affiliate marketing campaigns.  
  • get out of dept campaigns 
  •  Campaigns on buying and selling of social medial followers 
  • cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin e.tc campaigns 
  • Sending copyrighted material 
  • Sending Newsletters with links to Blacklisted websites  

Email List Building Method Suspension 

Your Mailchimp account will be suspended if you violate their terms of building and managing email list. 

  • Sending bulk emails collected without consent (learn more about email opt-in
  • Having a high email unsubscribe rate 
  • If you have rented or purchased email lists from third party sites 
  • Having several email list subscriptions from the same IP 
  • Importing an old email list to Mailchimp. Old email addresses tend to have higher bounce and unsubscribe rates because your subscribers might have forgotten that they subscribed to your email list or emails have become invalid. Always Validate old email lists before you begin using them. 

Regulatory Compliance Suspension 

Your account will be suspended if it is found to violate CAN-SPAM Act, GDPR, country privacy laws, and MailChimp email marketing regulations listed below. 

  • Using wrong physical mailing address or P.O BOX in email campaigns 
  • Sending campaigns with misleading subject lines 
  • Sending content with personal information like Social security numbers, passwords, etc.  
  • Allowing third parties to use your account to send campaigns 
  • Downloading and using Mailchimp content like HTML Templates in another email marketing platform 
  • Using tricks and hacks to avoid billing 
  • Using Mandrill (Owned by Mailchimp) to send bulk emails 

Deliverability Suspension 

Email Deliverability issues listed below will have your Mailchimp account suspended. Learn more about email deliverability.  

  • When you have a high abuse or complaint rate (when a substantial portion of your emails are marked as spam) 
  • If your domain has been blacklisted by Email Service Providers (ESP) 

Account-Related MailChimp Suspension 

  • Having an inactive MailChimp account for 24+ months 
  • Creating multiple accounts to avoid billing  
  • If your account has had a security breach  
  • Creating an account with Fake Details 

How Mailchimp detects spam 

Mailchimp uses an automated anti-abuse system called Omnivore. It can check for sending score, bounce rate, and spam complaint rate. For example, when you import new contacts, Omnivore will scan the email list to check its risk level (hard bounces, spam traps, etc.). It will also check whether your industry falls in the category of prohibited content.  

Your account will be permanently closed if Omnivore suspends it three times in six months 

How to get your account unsuspended  

The best way to get your MailChimp account unsuspended or reactivated is to email their compliance team and explain your case. You might want to tell them that you did not violate any terms, and if you did then it might have been unintentional, and you are willing to rectify the mistake to be compliant with their terms. 

The quickest way of contacting Mailchimp Customer support is through Live Chat (does not work for free accounts). Alternatively, you can go to Mailchimp Contact and answer precise questions about your email list or email their compliance team through (Compliance at mailchimp .com).  

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