What is Mailchimp Customer Journey and how does it work?

Mailchimp Customer Journey is a feature that enables you to build an automated path of email campaigns. A customer journey starts from the time he joins your email list to the day he opts out of your emails list.  

Example of Customer Journey 

Customer Journey Stage 1: Jane subscribers to your email list (she is added to Stage 1 of email list subscribers in your customer journey).  

Customer journey Stage 2: After a while, you send a promotional email to Jane, she opens it and clicks on the product link (she is added to Stage 2 of active subscribers in your customer journey).

Customer Journey Stage 3: After a week Jane buys your product using the promotional link that you had sent her via email (She is added to Stage 3 of product buyers in your customer journey).

Customer Journey Stage 4: A day after buying your product you send Jane a thank you message with more offers on related products.  

How to Create MailChimp Customer Journey Map 

To create a customer journey in Mailchimp follow the steps below. 

Mailchimp Customer Journey Automation
Mailchimp Customer Journey Automation/Photo
  • Login to your Mailchimp account 
  • Click on automations
  • Then select Customer Journey (Beta) 
  • Click Create 
  • Give your Customer Journey a name and assign an audience  
  • Click Start Building 
  • Choose a starting point. For instance, as soon someone joins your email list.  
  • Start designing your Customer Journey workflow. Below is an example of a simple customer journey that we created for subscribers who opened our email campaign.  
Sample Mailchimp Customer journey workflow for a campaign
Sample Mailchimp Customer journey workflow/Photo

You can use IF or Else to create customer journey rules. For instance, you can set conditions to make a customer’s journey end if he does not perform intended actions. 

 NOTE: You need to upgrade to Standard Plan to use the Mailchimp customer journey feature.  

Example of Starting points that you can use include;

  • A welcome email to new subscribers 
  • Send an email to customers who have abandoned their carts  
  • Customize customer order receipt notifications 
  • Remind members to renew their subscription 
  • Celebrate a member’s anniversary 
  • Send email campaign reminders 
  • Reach out to customers who clicked on your products but did not purchase 

Importance of Mailchimp Customer Journey feature  

The key benefit of using Mailchimp customer journey is that it helps in the personalization of messages which in turn increases conversions. You can choose to send email campaigns to subscribers depending on their actions, location, or interests.  

Learn more about MailChimp customer Journey.

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