How to apply for Mailchimp Integration Fund for Developers

Mailchimp will be issuing a $1 million fund to developers to help them create integrations. Below is a guide on how to apply for the Integration Fund. 

What is the Mailchimp Integration Fund meant for? 

The $1 Mailchimp Integration Fund is meant to help developers affected by COVID-19 create integrations for Mailchimp’s Marketing Platform using client libraries like PHP, Node.js, Python, and Ruby. You can read more about Mailchimp Developer platform.

In April 17, 2020, Mailchimp announced that it had acquired Reaction commerce. With this acquisition and launch of a revamped API platform, it appears Mailchimp is looking at using a community of developers to build a robust e-commerce, and marketing platform.

How to apply for Mailchimp Integration Fund 

Below are steps of application to give you an idea of what is required in the application process. 

Application form for Mailchimp Integration Fund for developers
Application form for Mailchimp Integration Fund for developers /Photo
  • Visit: Mailchimp Integration Fund
  • Click Apply Now 
  • Create a Mailchimp Account 
  • Fill the application form. Required details include Company name, Company website, Links to your portfolio, your names, email address, physical address, your work experience, the reason you want to take part in the integration fund, and then submit your application 
  • Your application will be reviewed and verified  
  • You will then be interview virtually by the MailChimp team 
  • Once you have been approved, you are ready to get started 

Contact MailChimp through integrationfund [at] mailchimp [dot] com for further inquiries 

NOTE: Like any other relief fund, application for this fund is time-bound. Therefore, the earlier you apply for it the better. 

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