MS Bing releases a WordPress plugin for instant URL crawling

Microsoft Bing has released IndexNow Plugin, a WordPress plugin that enables instant and automated submission of website URLs for crawling and discovery by search engines.

Microsoft Bing IndexNow Plugin

You can install the IndexNow Plugin from the WordPress plugin repository through your Admin dashboard or download and install it manually.

Once you have installed and activated the plugin, an API key will be automatically generated associated with your site. Deactivation of the plugin changes the API key.

Some of IndexNow Plugin features include:

  • Automate URL submission: This allows you to submit URLs to Bing automatically once your posts/pages are published or updated
  • Manual URL Submission: This option lets you submit URLs to Bing manually
  • View stats of Submitted URLs: This option allows to check stats of URLs that have been submitted. That is the date submitted and the status of the URL (successful or rejected).

You can disable automated submission of URLs and submit them manually or use Bing Webmaster.

You can also use the IndexNow protocol without a WordPress plugin by generating and uploading API Key to the root directory of your website. Learn how to generate the IndexNow API key for submission without using the WP-Admin dashboard.

About IndexNow Protocol

IndexNow is a Microsoft Bing project that makes it easy for website owners to automatically and instantly submit their URLs to search engines. It is an open-source project that is covered under Attribution-ShareAlike Creative Commons License. Search engines currently supported are Microsoft Bing and Yandex.

Any search engine can adopt the IndexNow protocol.

Learn more about IndexNow Protocol

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