Similarweb positions itself as alternative announced that in May 2022, it will shut down its website ranking services after 26 years of operation. Alexa has remained the most reliable platform for global website ranking for decades. Similarweb thinks it is the best alternative.

Similarweb as an alternative to

On 1st December 2021, Similarweb published a post where it stated that it has reacted to the news of users looking for an alternative to by launching a free website ranking API platform. users looking for an alternative can get website ranking metrics without the need to log in to Similarweb. Similarweb will also offer a chrome extension that provides detailed statistics for any website.

Similarweb has even created a page where it compares all the features that used to offer and explains how you can access them on their website.

One weakness with Similarweb rankings is that website rankings for specific countries are limited as compared to

Why global ranking of websites is not easy

Global ranking of websites is something that many tech companies would want to do but they are finding it difficult because you need to get a method of tracking website visits for every user in the world which is near to impossible. The situation is worsened by the introduction of numerous privacy laws that restrict the tracking of users.

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