Stripe adds guest feature to help track repeat customers

Stripe has redesigned its dashboard layout and added guests tab udder customers to make it easy for businesses to track repeat customers.

Stripe repeat customer tracking

The inclusion of the guest tab means that repeat payments made with the same card, email, or phone are now grouped in a new guest customer tab. This can help businesses identify customers that made repeat payments and issue refunds for multiple charges or asses fraud.

To access the guest customer tab in stripe, login into your account and click customers. Under it, you will see the guest tab.

Stripe Guest customers for repeat transactions

How are guest payments grouped in Stripe?

Stripe uses customer credit card number, email address, or phone number to group guest payments. If any of the three matches, then repeat payments will be grouped as guests.

Stripe says that the addition of this feature does not affect anything, and therefore there is no action that you need to take on your side.

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