How Taylor Swift uses Email Marketing to promote her music

Taylor Swift is one of the most celebrated singers of the twenty-first century. Learn about the email marketing strategy that she uses to promote her music and grow her fan base and why you should use the same approach to build your audience.  

Who is Taylor Swift? 

Taylor Swift is an American singer who was born on 13th December 1989 in West Reading, Pennsylvania. He has won 10 Grammy Awards and was ranked number one in the Billboard Top 100 Artists (8th August 2020).

Email Marketing Platform used by Taylor Swift 

August 2020 Top 100 musicians on billboard like Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Arian Grande, Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown use their record labels’ internal email marketing systems, for instance, Sony Music Fans mailing, Universal Music Group mailing, Warner Music mailing, Big Machine Label mailing, etc. to manage their email marketing services. However, Taylor Swift uses her independent email marketing service that is powered by Klaviyo email marketing software and managed by Taylor Nation, LLC to promote her music.  

Sign Up form 

Taylor Swift’s website has a sign up form that is embedded at the footer of the website ( The sign-up form has an email address and a country field as shown in the image below. 

Taylor Swift subscription form
Taylor Swift subscription form/Photo

The country field is used for email list segmentation and personalization. When Taylor Swift wants to visit a certain country to perform or promote her album, she will send out email campaigns targeting subscribers of that country. 

Taylor also uses single opt-in which means that you do not have to confirm your email address after subscribing. Compared to double opt-in, single opt-in makes your email list grow faster. However, single opt-in comes with disadvantages like a high bounce rate. Therefore, you have to weigh between the advantages and disadvantages of using single opt-in. Learn more about the benefits of double opt-in.  

Subscription Welcome Email 

After signing up, you are redirected to a thank you page. You will also receive a warm welcome email that reads in part.  

Now that we’re basically email pen pals, you’ll be getting first looks at promotions, news, and other awesome stuff!” 

Taylor Swift Email subscription welcome email
Taylor Swift’s Email subscription welcome email/Photo

Welcome emails are important in email marketing as they help in building a relationship with your fans. You can include your social media accounts, shop page, and product promotion link in your welcome email. 

Taylor Swift Email Newsletter

Taylor swift’s newsletters are designed to be simple and effective.  

  • Subject Line: Her newsletter uses short email subject lines of between 3 to 8 words. He also uses emojis in the subject line. Using emojis in the subject line can lead to a higher email open rate as it draws attention. However, ensure that your emojis are relevant 
  • Newsletter Body: The body of her newsletter includes embedded product images like t-shirts, her latest videos, and audios. Almost the entire body of her newsletters comprise of only graphics.  
  • Footer: The footer comprises of mailing address and an unsubscribe link.  
Taylor Swift Newsletter  embedded video
Taylor Swift Newsletter embedded video/Photo

View Full Sample of Taylor Swift’s Email Newsletter Template

Social Media Vs Email Marketing for Musicians 

Building an email list is important for musicians and that is why Taylor Swift does it. With lots of readily available email marketing platforms, it is not complicated to start building your email list.  

On the other hand, Social Media is a fantastic way to promote your music and engage with your fans and you probably have a social media account. However, things do change too fast in the social media world making it unreliable. Do you remember Friendster, Vine, Google Plus, Myspace? Where are they now? They succumbed to competition.  

It is also difficult to implement a working social media music marketing strategy because social media companies like Facebook keep introducing changes that limit the number of people you can reach without advertising. A study published by HubSpot indicates that Facebook’s organic reach decreased from 16% to 6.5% and post visibility keeps declining each year. Another study done by Mailchimp shows that Music and Musicians email campaigns have an open rate of 21.88%.

What these two studies reveal is that if you post a song you have just released on your Facebook page, only 6.5% of your thousands of followers will see it, and if you send it via email, 21.88% of your subscriber will see it. Therefore, there is every reason to start building your email list now. Your email subscribers will always belong to you. You can move them to whatever email marketing service you want. 

Read about the importance of converting your fans to email subscribers.

Recommended email marketing platform for artists: Convertkit, Aweber or ActiveCampaign.

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