BigCommerce eCommerce Website Builder software (paid)

What is BigCommerce? It is a paid eCommerce website builder software used by small and established businesses. It was founded by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper in 2009.

How it works: Just like Shopify, BigCommerce is an ecommerce website builder platform. You can build your eCommerce website on BigCommerce  using your branded domain. Files are hosted on Bicommerce server. Where Shopify beats BigCommerce is admin interface

Platform Features: Page Builder Visual Editor, Mobile Optimization, Preview before Publishing, WordPress Integration and Checkout Customization, SEO and Digital Wallets.

Use Case: BigCommerce can be used to build online courses, book store, Fashion, Electronics and Beauty eCommerce sites.

Address: Big Commerce headquarters is located in Austin Texas, United States.

BigCommerce alternatives: Shopify, CoreCommerce and WooCommerce.


Facebook: Bigcommerce

Twitter: Bigcommerce

LinkedIn: bigcommerce

Email: N/A

Phone: +1 888-699-8911


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