CentOS: Linux distribution software

CentOS is a free Linux distribution software built from open source code provided by Red Hat. Most Cloud hosting companies like Google Cloud, AWS, Azure have CentOS already integrated in their infrastructure. 

CentOS Profile
Name Details
Name CentOS
Founded 2004
Founder Gregory Kurtzer
Headquarters United States.
Industry Linux OS
Email centos-tm@centos.org
Phone N/A
Alternatives Opensuse,
and Gentoo.
Software Support Google Cloud,
Oracle Cloud,
Microsoft Azure,
Alibaba Cloud,
Digital Ocean,
Huawei Cloud,
Red Hat,
Rocky Linux
Services YUM package manager,
OpenSSL 1.1.1,
TLS 1.3,
TCP networking stack,
nftables framework,
Facebook CentOS
Twitter CentOS
Linkedin CentOS
Website centos.org

Update: CentOS is shifting its focus to CentOS Stream

*use contact page for integrations or features addition or information correction


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