LogMeOnce: Used for password storage


LogMeOnce is a platform that is used for password storage and security. LogMeOnce also helps to monitor the dark web to make sure that your credential are not stolen or used for account takeover.

LogMeOnce Profile
Name Details
Name LogMeOnce
Founded 1986
Founder Kevin Shahbazi and Mike Shahbazi
Headquarters Washington DC, United States.
Industry Password Security
Email sales@LogMeOnce.com
Phone 1-(800)-935-4619
Alternatives Remembear,
and Nordpass.
Software Support Windows,
Services Two factor authentication,
Dark web monitoring,
Master password,
MFA authentication,
Encrypted password,
Team password share,
Sync across all devices,
Auto-fill login forms,
Account freeze,
Fingerprint biometrics,
Private browsing,
Strong password generator
Facebook LogMeOnce
Twitter LogMeOnce
Linkedin LogMeOnce
Website logmeonce.com


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