Notion Note Taking App Overview

What is Notion? It is a note taking app. It was founded by Ivan Zhao, Simon Last and Jessica Lam in 2013.

Platform Features: Pages and blocks, Members, Guests, File uploads, Version history, Real-time collaboration, Link sharing, Collaboration workspace, Timeline views, Web and mobile apps, wikis, docs and notes, Content API, Table, list, calendar, kanban board and gallery views, 40+ block content types, 50+ starter templates, Bulk export, Admin tools, Permission groups, Advanced security controls, SCIM API and Bulk PDF export. 

Address: Notion headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States.

Notion Alternatives: Evernote, Typora and Apple note.


Facebook: NotionHQ

Twitter: NotionHQ

LinkedIn: notionhq


Phone: N/A


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