Plesk Web Hosting Control Panel

What is Plesk? It is a web hosting control panel software. It was founded by Dimitri Simonenko???? in 2000.

Platform Features: Domain, Email, Application catalog, Website Builder, Backup, Multi language support, Database, Files, Extension catalog, Self repair tools, Mobile apps, Security, Ruby support, Command line interface, Cloudbackup. Event handlers, SDK, Docker support, XML API, PHP management, Supported cloud platform, Reports, Joomla toolkit, WordPress toolkit, Server health monitor, Easy monitoring, Dev environment, Branding and Developer dashboard.  

Address: Plesk headquarters is located in Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Plesk alternative: Directadmin, Vesta and runcloud.


Facebook: Plesk

Twitter: Plesk

LinkedIn: plesk


Phone: 0034944580658

*use contact page for integrations or features addition or information correction


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