Podcastics Podcasting Platform Overview

What is Podcastics? It is a podcast hosting platform . It was founded by Laurent Dumont in 2019.

Platform Features: Podcast Editing, Apple Podcast import, Unlimited Episodes, Multiple Podcasts, RSS Import, Seasons and Episodes, Schedule Episodes, Heat map, Rich Editing, Series, Complete Statistics, Social Profiles, Search on the Fly, Preview Episodes, Live Streaming, Duplicate Episodes, Tag Everything, Easy Subscription, Manage Clients Accounts, 100% Mobile, User Permissions and Get Support.

Address: Podcastics headquarters is located in Paris, Île-de-France.

Podcastics alternatives: Castos, Blubrry and SoundCloud.

Website: podcastics.com

Facebook: N/A

Twitter: podcastics

LinkedIn: podcastics

Email: contact@support.podcastics.com

Phone: N/A


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