Proxmox: Open source server virtualization software

ProxMox is an open source server virtualization software. Its main software ProxMox Virtual Environment, Proxmox Backup Server and Proxmox mail gateway can be used to build an affordable and secure IT infrastructure.

ProxMox Profile
Name Details
Name ProxMox
Founded 2005
Founder Martin Maurer and Dietmar Maurer
Headquarters Vienna, Austria.
Industry Linux OS
Phone N/A
Alternatives Gentoo,
and Debian.
Software Support KVM hypervisor,
Linux Containers (LXC),
Services Server virtualization,
Kernel based virtual machine,
Container based Virtualization,
Central management,
Web based management interface,
Unique multimaster design,
Proxmox cluster file system,
Command line interface,
Rest API,
Role based administration,
Authentication realms,
Bridged networking,
Backup and restore,
Proxmox VE Firewall,
Distributed Firewall,
IPv4 and IPv6
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Twitter ProxMox
Linkedin ProxMox


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