Pushassist Web Push Notification Software

What is Pushassist? It is a web push notification software. It was founded by Richa S. ???in 2015.

Platform Features: Easy to setup, Segmentation, Scheduling, Multi-device support, Real time tracking, Personalization, Multi channel messaging, Inform, persuade and remind, Collect customer data, Boost engagement, High Conversion, Build Loyal Users, Marketing automation, Integrated Analytics, HTTP and HTTPS support, Re-engage users, Target right audience and Connect to users directly.

Address: Pushassist headquarters is located in United States.

Pushassist alternatives: Wonderpush, truepush and Pushwoosh.

Website: pushassist.com

Facebook: PushAssist

Twitter: PushAssist

LinkedIn: N/A

Email: support@pushassist.com

Phone: N/A


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