Qualys Website Security Software Overview

What is qualys? It is a security service provider. It was founded by Gilles Samoun and Philippe Langlois in 1999.

Platform Features: Global IT access inventory, CMDB Sync, Certificate inventory, Vulnerability management, detection and response, Threat protection, Continuous monitoring, Endpoint detection and response, Patch management, Indication of compromise, Certificate assessment, Cloud inventory, Cloud security assessment, Container security, Web App scanning, WebApp firewall, Policy compliance, Security Configuration Assessment, PCI Compliance, File integrity monitoring, Security Assessment Questionnaire and Out of band configuration Assessment.

Address: Qualys headquarters is located in Foster City, California, United States.

Qualys alternatives: Imperva, Infisecure and Forcepoint.

Website: qualys.com

Facebook: qualys

Twitter: qualys

LinkedIn: qualys

Email: info@qualys.com

Phone: +1 800-745-4355


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