Slite Note Taking App

What is Slite? It is a note taking app. It was founded by Christophe Pasquier in 2016.

Platform Features: Automatic data backups, Google single sign-on authentication, OpenID single sign-on, Reader-only restriction, Invitation right restrictions, sharing rights restrictions, user groups, Usage dashboard, Channel guests, Protect doc editing, External doc sharing, Private doc sharing, Realtime collaboration and commenting, Draft by slite, Chrome extension, Web, Desktop, iOS and Android apps, PDF exports, Ready made templates, Embed live Google drive files, Integrations, Doc activity log, Doc version history and Import docs from confluence and Google Docs.

Address: Slite headquarters is located in Paris, Paris, France.

Slite alternatives: Bear, Apple note and Dropbox paper.


Facebook: sliteHQ

Twitter: slitehq

LinkedIn: slite 


Phone: N/A


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