Squarespace Overview (premium website builder)

What is Squarespace? It is premium website builder that is used bysmall businesses, photogrpahers, bloggers, artisits, musicians, weddings and students to create their website. The main downside of using Wix is that most of its features cannot be edited. Wix was founded by Anthony Casalena in 2004.

Platform Features: Website Builder, Customizable Templates, Design Tools,Commenting System, Custom Redirects, custom search engine, mobile friendly, eCommerce support, emailing system, SEO ready, analytics, AMP Integration, RSS Syndication, category, tags, Drag-and-Drop, e.t.c.

Address: Squarespace headquarters is located in New York City, New York, United States.

Squarespace alternatives: WordPress, Shopfiy and Wix

Website: Squarespace.com 

Facebook: Squarespace

Twitter: Squarespace

LinkedIn: Squarespace

Email: N/A 

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