Ulysses Note Taking App Overview

What is Ulysses? It is a note taking app. It was founded by Marcus Fehn and Max Seelemann in 2011.

Platform Features: Clean, Distraction-free interface, Markup based Text Editor, Themeable editor, Keyboard Navigation, Plain Text Enhanced, Typewriter Mode, Writing Goals, Attachments, Hierarchic, Auto-save and Automatic Backup, Filters, Single library for all texts, Full iCloud Sync, For macOS and iOS, Various File Formats, Publish to WordPress and Medium, Live Preview, External folder on dropbox, Share and open in, Built-in Export Styles, Style and Themes. 

Address: Ulysses headquarters is located in Leipzig, Germany.

Ulysses Alternatives: Typora, Roam research and simplenote.

Website: ulysses.app

Facebook: ulyssesapp

Twitter: ulyssesapp

LinkedIn: ulyssesapp

Email: help@ulysses.app

Phone: N/A


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