Unbounce Overview (Landing Page Builder)

What is Unbounce? It is a software that is used for creating landing pages. It was founded by Rick Perreault, Oli Gardner, Carter Gilchrist, Justin Stacey, Jason Murphy and Carl Schmidt in 2009.

Platform Features: 100+ templates, custom scripts, Accelerated Mobile Pages, Mobile Responsive, custom domain, Publish to WordPress, 850,000 free images, Google Fonts, Auto Image Optimizer, SVG images, Embed videos, Lead generation form builder,
opt-in forms, A/B Testing, connect Google Analytics, Popups and Sticky Bars, Trigger actions, sceduling, targeting, zapier integration, fast load speed, GDPR compliant, HTTPS URL e.t.c.

Address: Unbounce headquarters is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Unbounce alternatives: ClickFunnels, Instapage and HubSpot

Website: unbounce.com 

Facebook: unbounce

Twitter: unbounce

LinkedIn: unbounce

Email: info@unbounce.com

Phone: +1 604 484 1354


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