Zoho Notebook: Used for note taking (free)

Zoho Notebook is a beautiful free note taking app that can be used to share and collaborate notes with co-workers across multiple devices.

Zoho Notebook Profile
Name Details
Name Zoho Notebook
Founded July 2016
Founder Zoho Corporation
Headquarters Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India.
Industry Productivity
Email support@zohonotebook.com
Phone +1 877 834 4428
Alternatives Google keep,
and Typora.
Software Support Gmail,
Microsoft Teams,
Google Drive,
Zoho Mail,
Zoho Connect,
Zoho Cliq,
Zoho Projects,
Zoho Flow,
Doc Scanner,
Services Assign colors,
Tag notes,
Version history,
Facebook Zoho
Twitter Zoho
Linkedin Zoho
Website zoho.com


*use contact page for integrations or features addition or information correction


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