List of the best book writing and editing software that writers use to create their ebooks and paperbacks. Features to look for in a writing software include formatting options, compatibility with publishing companies like KDP, cost, multi device, editing options, operating system, etc.

Methodology:  Book writing software listed below have been ranked according to website metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment. Learn more about our ranking criteria.

    Scrivener is a word process desktop and mobile app software that is used for book writing and research. Scrivener has a powerful interface that makes the process of writing your novel, research paper or article seamless. It is ideal for novelists, nonfiction writers, scholars, journalists, etc.

    Microsoft Word is the most popular and powerful word processing software that can be used offline and online. It comes with mobile app, web app and desktop app. To get Microsoft Word software you have to buy a license from store. It however comes free if you have an office 365 License.

    Reedsy is a platform that is used for hiring book authors, editors and designers. Reedsy also comes with a free book writing editor (Reedsy Book Editor) that makes it easy to collaborate editing and prepare books for distribution to ebookstores like Smashwords, IngramSpark, KDP, etc.

    Novelize is a software that is used for writing and editing. Novelize is know for its beautiful and distraction free interface. Although Novelize is a paid writing app, it comes with 17 day free trial. Novelize is one of the best alternatives of Scrivener.

    Squibler is a web-based application that is used for writing. Some of the writing tools run by Squibler include book wring software, novel writing software, screenwriting software, plot generator, etc. Squibler is a subscription based writing app. It comes with a 14 day free trial.

    MasterWriter is software that is used for songwriting, creative writing and lyric writing. What makes MasterWriter a unique writing software for song and creative writers is its powerful dictionary that contains word families, rhyming words, phrases, synonyms, etc that provides you hundreds of options of words to use. Master is subscription based software. 

    AutoCrit is a web-based software that is used by authors to edit manuscripts online. AutoCrit dashboard comes with tools like grammar checker, word choice checker, repetition checker, cliches, redundancies, word change recommendation, etc. AutoCrit subscription also gives you access to AutoCrit Member Community network with private discussion forums and members-only events.

    FastPencil is a web-based platform that is used by authors to design and publish books. All you need is to import your manuscript into FastPencil, then choose a page design and publish your books. You can also use FestPencil for collaboration and book distribution to platforms like KDP, kobo, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble, etc.

    Grammarly is one of the most popular spelling checker and grammar editor software that can be integrated to third party software like Microsoft Word, Gmail, Google Doc, etc. It has free and paid plans.

    WordRake is a software that is used for editing documents in Microsoft Word and Outlook. Once you install WordRake in Microsoft Word, you will be bale to edit your document for plain language, reduce jargon, correct word adjective phrases, remove redundancies, etc. 

    LivingWriter is a user friendly cloud-based application that is used for writing fiction and non-fiction stories. You can also use LivingWriter for document collaboration and exporting your finished work to KDP. LivingWriter offers 14 day free trial.

    Bibisco is a desktop software that is used for writing novels. Bibisco dashboard comes with key novel writing features like chapters and scenes, character designing, relations’ diagram, parts management, sequel creation, export novel in pdf, epub, doc, etc. Bibisco is available for download and use for free but the supporters plan (one-time payment of $23), comes with even more features.