List of 8 best Content Delivery Network (CDN) service providers and software that bloggers should use to increase server load speed, reduce bandwidth and protect their websites. From WordPress websites to custom build websites. List comprises of free CDN platforms like Cloudflare to paid ones like CloudFront.

Methodology: Content Delivery Network (CDN) below have been ranked according to website metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment. Learn more about our ranking criteria.

List of CDN Service Providers

    What is Stackpath? It is a computing platform that offers CDN as one of its features. It was founded by Lance Crosby in 2015.

    Platform Features: Virtual Machines, CDN, DDoS Mitigation, Containers, WAF, EdgeRules, Severless Scripting, Managed DNS, EdegeSSL, Object Storage and Origin Shield.

    What is Cloudflare? It is a software that is used for content delivery and security. It was founded by Mathew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn in 2009.

    Platform Features: DDoS Protection, WAF, Bot Management, Magic Transit, Rate Limiting, SSL/TLS, Cloudflare Spectrum, Network Interconnect, CDN, DNS, Ago Smart Routing, Load Balancing, Workers, Cloudflare Stream and

    What is Amazon CloudFront? It is a content delivery network operated by  Amazon Web Services. It was launched by Amazon in 2008.

    CDN Features: Global Edge Network, AWS Shield, Web Application Firewall, SSL/TLS Encryptions, Origin Shield , multiple origins, Lambda@Edge, Real-time Metrics, Real-time Logging, Full-featured APIs, Pay-as-you-go, Elastic Load Balancing e.t.c

    What is Google Cloud? It is a cloud computing service provider which offer one of the most reliable content deliver network (CDN). It was developed by Google in 2008.

    CDN Features: Global distribution, last-mile performance, Google Cloud integration, multi-cloud architectures, HTTPS (SSL) ready e.t.c

    What is Microsoft Azure CDN? It is a cloud computing service provider that was developed by Microsoft Corporation in in 2010.

    CDN Features: Wide range of integration with web apps, and cloud services, global presence, Developer-friendly, Robust security, Advanced analytics, ISO certified e.t.c.

    What is Fastly? It is content delivery network service provider. It was founded by David Hornik in 2011.

    Platform Features: Edge cloud platform, Compute@Edge, CDN, Image Optimization, Load Balancing, Video and Streaming, Cloud security e.t.c.

    What is Keycdn? It is an affordable content delivery network that is mostly used by small business. It was founded by Jonas Krummenacher and Sven Binek in 2012.

    Platform Features: Large Files, Brotli Compression, Query Strings, Custom Robots.txt, Image Hosting, Directory Listing, Strip Cookies, Cache-Control, Rsync Transfer, FTP Subusers, Origin Shield, FTP upload, Instant Purge, HTTP/2, Zone Alias, IPv6 Support, Header Control, Log Forwarding, Gzip Compression, Image Processing, Http Live Streaming and Byte-range Request.



    What is Jetpack? It is a WordPress plugin that  provides services like Security, CDN, Backup, Social Media Integrations, CRM e.t.c. It was founded in 2011  by Automattic Inc, a company that owns Automattic Inc was founded by Matt Mullenweg in 2005

    Jetpack CDN Features: Image optimization and serve image, css and javascript from jetpack CDN