What follows is a list of the top 10 best expense management software and mobile applications to help small businesses and bloggers keep track of daily personal and business bills.

Methodology: Expense management apps and software are ranked based on web metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment. Learn more about our ranking criteria.

List of expense management software and applications

    What is Quickbooks? It is one of the best online accounting software owned by intuit that can be used for tracking business expenses. It was founded by Scott Cook and Tom Proulx in 1983.

    Software Features: expense tracking, income tracking, send invoices, send quotes, bank connection, track VAT, reports, multi currency, recurring transactions, inventory tracking, and budget management.

    What is Zoho Expense? It is an online expense tracking software owned by Zoho Corporation that targets mid-sized companies. It was founded by Sridha Vembu and Tony Thomas in 1996 

    Software Features: Multicurrency Expenses, Mileage Expenses, Project Tracking, QuickBooks integration, receipt Auto-scan, Per Diem Automation, Advanced Customization, TMC/OTA Integration, ERP Integration, SAML, Dedicated Account Manager, and Advanced Audit Report.

    What is FreshBooks? It is an invoice and accounting software owned by 2ndSite Inc. It is recommended for freelancers and professionals. It was founded by Mike McDerment, Levi Cooperman, and Joe Sawada in 2003. 

    Software Features: expense tracking, receipt scanning, categorize expenses, bill expenses, track spending, multi-currency, tax-friendly, import bank expenses, and secure storage.

    What is Expensify: It is one of the most powerful expense management software used by reputable companies like Stripe, GitHub, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc. It was founded by David Barrett in 2008. 

    Software Features: Receipt Scanning, Credit Card Import, Corporate Card Reconciliation, Reimbursements, approval workflows, Receipt Integrations, Mileage Tracking, PCI-Compliant Security, SAML SSO, SAML SSO, and reporting 

    What is Mint? It is a budget tracking and planner online software owned by Intuit. It was founded by Aaron Patzer in 2006. 

    Software Features: bill payment tracker, budget goal tracking, credit score, budget alerts, bank transaction categories and investment tracker. 

    What is Receipt Bank? It is a digital accounting platform that is used for processing and sharing financial information. It was founded by Alex Prenn and Michael Wood in 2010. 

    Software Features: receipt and invoice scan, data extraction from financial documents, automatic invoice collection from suppliers, employee expense management, export data in pdf, bank statement extraction, tax management, import information from PayPal, and expense reporting.

    What is Hurdlr? It is a mobile app that is mostly used by drivers for expense and mileage tracking. It was founded by Anu Bhaskar and Raj Bhaskar in 2012. 

    Software Features: Mileage Tracking, auto Income tracking, tax Calculations, export reports, auto Expense Tracking, tax filing, invoicing, and add an accountant 

    What is Concur? It is an online expense management software that is ideal for travel businesses. It was founded by Sudhir Steven Sign, Michael Hilton, and Rajeev Sighn in 1993. 

    Software Features: expense tracking, mileage tracking, budgeting, auditing, invoice payments, and reports.

    What is Certify It is a travel and expense management software operated by emburse. It was founded by Bob Neveu in 2008. 

    Software Features: Receipt scanning, cloud storage, automatic expense reports, analytics, multiple currencies, credit card integration, HMS integration, ERP integration, and multilingual.  

    What is Pocketgaurd? It is a personal finance management mobile application. It was founded by Art Seredyuk and Igor Kuznetsov in 2015. 

    App Features: Bill tracking, loan repayment tracking, link bank, and credit cards, saving goals, custom categories, and reports.

    What is Rydoo: It is a mobile application that is great for traveling expense management. It was founded by Pierre Bellon in 2011. 

    Tool Features: scan expense receipts, manage mileage expenses, multilingual support, and upload CSV and pdf.