List of the top 10 best blog monetization platforms that bloggers can use to make money online from their website. They include banner ads display networks, affiliate networks, partnership programs, blog promotions deals e.t.c

Methodology: Blog Monetization platforms listed below have been ranked according to website metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment. Learn more about our ranking criteria.

List of Blog Monetization platforms

    What is Google AdSense? It is a blog monetization platform used for displaying ads. Publishers can display Google AdSense ads in their blog and earn revenue. It was founded in 2003.

    Monetization Types: AMP ads, Display Ads, Link Ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads, Matched content, Auto Ads, Vignette ads and Anchor ads

    What is It is an advertising technology company. It offers monetization opportunities for publishers. It was founded by Divyank Turkhia in 2010.

    Monetization Types: Native Ads, Contextual Ads and Display Ads.

    What is Viglink/Sovrn? It is an outbound link monetization platform for small business, publishers and bloggers. It was founded by Oliver Roup in 2009.

    Monetization Models: Chrome extension, affiliate links and auto link autobound affiliate links

    What is Ezoic? It is a blog monetization platform publishers. It was founded by Dwayne Lafleur in 2010.

    Monetization Models: Google Ad Exchange, Displays ads, Direct Ad Orders, Video Ads e.t.c



    What is Shareasale? It is an affiliate marketing network where you can find thousands of merchants offering affiliate programs. Shareasale was founded by Brian Littleton in 2000.

    Platform Features: affiliate invitation, influencer partnership, custom affiliate links, short links, storefronts, brand protection, browser affiliate link generator e.t.c



    What is Impact Radius? It is a leading affiliate marketing and partnership platform.  If you are blogger looking for business partnerships to generate revenue for your blog then Impact Radius is the best choice. It was founded by Todd Crawford, Roger Kjensrud and Wade Crang in 2007.

    Platform Features: Influencer Marketing, Business Development, Affiliate Marketing and Mobile Partnership.

    What is Amazon Associates? It is an affiliate marketing platform that bloggers can use to monetize their blogs by earning a commission when blog visitors click their affiliate links and purchase a product on Amazon. It was founded by Amazon in 1996.

    Platform Features: Affiliate Links, Banner Ads, Native shopping ads, Mobile popover e.t.c

    Amazon Sponsored Display Ads? This is an Amazon program where sellers can pay to have their products featured on Amazon.  You cannot earn directly with amazon display ads but you can increase your products.  Amazon Sponsored Display ads was launched by Amazon in 2012.

    Platform Features: Video Ads, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Product and Sponsored Display.

    What is Taboola? It is an advertising platform that places displays ads in the form of related or recommended posts. Its ads normally appear after the post. It was founded by Adam Singolda in 2007.

    Platform Features: Recommended Ads, Feed Ads, A/B testing, Audience Exchange, Sponsored Content, Sponsored Video, Native advertising e.t.c

    What is Infolinks? It is an advertising platform that is reputable for in-text advertising. It was founded by Yariv Davidovich and Oren Dobrondky in 2007.

    Platform Features: Video ads, Display Ads, Native ads, above the header sticky mobile ad, in-fold, in article, in-frame, Interstitial, in-text e.t.c