List of the best web hosting control panels that bloggers and web hosting companies use to host their websites. Some of the Cpanel features that you should consider include pricing, email capability, backup and file transfer, security (free SSL certificate), database type, domain management, DNS zone management, installation documentation, operating system compatibility (Windows, Linux, Ubuntu), web server management, admin interface,  etc.

The control panels listed below comprise those that are free and open-source, and subscription-based

Methodology: Web Hosting Control Panels listed below have been ranked according to website metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment. Learn more about our ranking criteria.

List of top 10 control panels


    cPanel is one of the best Linux based web hosting control panel software. cPanel is used for launching websites without the need of having the technical knowledge to connect your server with your website. cPanel and WHM work together. However, if you are on a shared hosting you are likely not to be given access to WHM by your hosting company as it used for administrative control for dedicated servers.

    Plesk is a Linux and Windows based web hosting control panel software. It is used for building and managing website applications on the cloud. Plesk is one of the best alternative of cPanel.

    Ovipanel is a web hosting control panel software that works only in CentOS. What this means is that you have to install Ovipanel on CentOS for it to function.

    DirectAdmin is a lightweight web hosting control panel software. DirectAdmin is the recommended choice if your are looking for a control panel software that is easy to use and loads faster.


    CyberPanel is a control panel software that can be used to install and use WordPress, Prestashop, Joomla, etc on the cloud. CyberPanel can only be installed on a Linux operating system.

    VestaCP is a free and open source website hosting control panel software for Linux. VestaCP comes with a powerful interface that loads extremely faster compared to other control panels. VestaCP is free but you can purchase optional commercial plugins.

    aaPanel is an open source and free web hosting Cpanel. aaPanel comes with a simple but powerful interface that you can use to manage web servers through web base GUI. aaPanel also offers one click installation of content Management Systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Some of the Lunux distribution and operating systems where you can install aaPanel include CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedoram and Deepin.


    Webmin is web-based control panel for Linux/Unix. If you are looking for a system administration tool for Unix-like servers, then Webmin is the best choice. 

    RunCloud is a simple and powerful web hosting control for Linux. You can use RunCloud control panel to launch your website on DigitalOcean, AWS or Google Cloud.

    ISPManager is a web server control that is meant for VPS or dedicated servers. ISPManager comes with a user-friendly and secure control panel. ISPmanager is a product of ISPsytem. 

    ISPConfig is a free and open source Linux-based web hosting control panel. Some of the Lunux distributions that ISPConfig supports include Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. ISPConfig comes with a simple and lightweight interface. 

    InterWorx is a scalable and secure Linux-based website hosting control panel. It can be used by hosting providers, resellers and website owners to manage domains.

    Ajenti is an open-source and free control panel for managing Linux-based servers. Ajenti is recommended is if you are looking for a free and lightweight control panel alternative to Plesk or cPanel.