List of the best website backup WordPress plugins and file storage service providers that bloggers. Features of the best website backup tools include cost, automatic, remote storage, security, reporting, cms support, backup period, file migration options, Off-site storage, storage limits etc.

Methodology Website Backup service providers listed below have been ranked according to website metrics, user experience, and editorial judgment. Learn more about our ranking criteria.

    Google Cloud Storage is a platform that is used for back and storage of any amount of data on the cloud. Example of reputable companies that use Google Cloud storage include Twitter, Deutsche Bank, McKesson, PayPal, Sky Media, Etsy, AirBus, etc.

    Amazon S3 also known as Amazon Simple Storage service is a platform that is used for storage of data on the cloud. It is one of the most affordable and reliable cloud storage service provider. Amazon S3 is part of Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

    Dropbox is one of the largest platforms that is used for file storage and sharing. Dropbox can be integrated with some of the most popular collaboration software like Slack, Trello, Teams, Asana, etc.

    Google Drive is a platform that is used to store, share and collaborate on files and folders. Google Drive can be accessed via mobile app or desktop. You use Google Drive for free for limited space.

    Microsoft OneDrive is an online platform that is used for cloud Storage, backup and collaboration. Microsoft OneDrive is part of Microsoft 365.

    Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that is used for security, performance and marketing. Jetpack backup provides off-site  and real time online back up of your WordPress website files and data. The advantage of using Jetpack backup is that it does not require any configuration. Just install the plugin and site backup begins.

    ManageWP is a platform that is used for WordPress website backup, monitoring, update, security and performance check. ManageWP makes it possible to manage several WordPress websites from a single dashboard. ManageWP was acquired by Godaddy in 2016.

    Updraft is a WordPress plugin that is used for website backup and restore. Updraft backups your website’s WordPress files, databases, plugins and themes to your hosting environment or third party storage service provider like Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

    BackWPup is a WordPress plugin that is used to backup website files and data. BackWPup can backup your website files to your hosting server or third party storage service providers like Rackspace Cloud, Google Drive, Amazon s3, etc.

    WP Database Backup is a WordPress that is used to create website database backup. You can use it to store database backup on your hosting local server or through on storage service provides like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, etc.