What is Warming up IP Address in Email Marketing?

Warming up server IP address is the process of building the reputation of your email marketing system IP address. 

How does Warming Up IP address work? 

When you start email marketing, no one knows you. ISP(s) or Email Services providers like Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Outlook, iCloud Mail, Yandex need time to learn whether you are a spammer or not so that they can accept emails that originate from your IP address.  

If your email marketing system’s IP address is not properly warmed up, emails sent from your IP will land in the Spam or Promotion folder of your recipient’s email. 

Warming up server IP can take two weeks to a month depending on the volume of emails you send. It is advisable to send emails in small numbers as your IP address warms up. 

What affects IP reputation?  

Some of the factors that affect IP address reputation include:  

  • Bounce Rate: Number of emails that are not delivered 
  • Open Rate: Recipients who open your emails 
  • User Interaction: Recipients who mark your emails as spam 
  • Content: Message should not have spammy links or spam trigger words 

Warming server IP Schedule 

You should start by sending emails in small numbers as you monitor bounce rate. If you have a bounce rate of more than 2%, stop sending your emails and validate your emails otherwise you will ruin your IP reputation. 

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