Website Tech tools used to build by Jack Herrick is one of the largest open-source websites that publishes how-to articles that solve everyday real life problems. WikiHow was founded by tech entrepreneur Jack Herrick. Jack was also the owner of eHow which was acquired by Demand Media in 2006.  

Unlike other blogs or how to websites, wikiHow content is generated and edited by the public. Thousands of volunteers, and over 1170 experts are always rewriting and reviewing articles published on wikiHow.  

According to WikiHow October 2021 data, there are over 340,000 articles published on

Below is a table of website technology tools used to build and support website.

Website Technologies is built on

Website Technology Type Website Technology Name
Hosting DNS Made Easy (hosting),
Network Solutions (registrar)
Platform MediaWiki (modified)
Template Custom built template
Comment System Not Used
Search Form Custom Built,
Contact Form Not Used
Font Helvetica (primary),
Nimbus Sans L (fallback),
Arial (fallback),
Liberation Sans (fallback),
sans-serif (fallback)
Social Share Not Used
Email Marketing Mailchimp,
CDN Fastly CDN
Open Graph Meta Tags,
Table of Contents
Website Analytics Google Analytics
Security Fastly Cloud Security,
Income Google AdSense,
Online Courses,
Ad-Free Pro Membership,
paid Article downloadable PDF
Podcast Tool Not Used
Page Speed Improvement Fastly CDN Cache
Web Push Notification Not Used

Review update: Websites do frequently change their technologies. Inform us if you notice any outdated information about wikiHow web technologies. 

Info 1: wikiHow source code of the modified MediaWiki CMS is available for download for free but wikiHow does not provide support, updates and bug fixing.  

Info 2: HREF LANG means WikiHOW is available in different languages like English (Main Page), French, German, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Indonesia, etc.  

Info 3: Wikihow app is available for download from Google Play (Android) or Apple Store (iOS). 

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