What is an Email List in Email Marketing?

An Email List is a group of emails collected through opt-in or non-opt-in forms. Opt-in means joining email lists through subscription forms with your consent. 

Example of Email List: You can subscribe to TechCrunch event updates, Daily News, or Announcements. If you choose to subscribe to Daily news you will be added to TechCrunch’s daily news mailing list and if you choose to subscribe to events, you will be added to the events email list. 

Benefits of email lists 

Some of the benefits of building an email list include. 

  • You can interact directly with your customer. Not an algorithm that decides who gets to see your post like it is on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 
  • Your business is secure. Your social media accounts can be suspended anytime thus ruining your business. But your email list is your property. No one can it away from you. If you are using an email marketing system and are suspended, you can migrate your email list to another platform. 

How to build email lists 

To build an email list, you need two things. One is forms for capturing emails. We have Listed top 23 WordPress email marketing plugins that you can use to create subscription forms.  

Second is a system of storing email lists, creating and sending email campaigns. You can create your email marketing system from scratch but only consider taking that route if you have a large email list for instance 100k+ subscribers. Otherwise, the time wasted in creating an email marketing system for less than 10k subscribers should be invested in creating content. 

You can start with email marketing platforms like Convertkit, Aweber, or Mailchimp as you learn and grow.  

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