WP Sweeper: Automates cleaning of hacked WordPress sites

WP Sweeper web application has been launched to help WordPress users automate the process of cleaning their hacked website without the need of hiring an expert or log in to WP Admin.

How WP Sweeper works

Once the WP Sweeper script has been installed on your server, it runs through your files and automatically replaces core files, plugins, and themes.

You can also use it to run a scan of your WordPress to check for malicious and suspicious files.

A log will be generated with a report containing a timestamp of actions performed and their results.

Wp Sweeper is not a plugin. It uses shell scripting technology to perform its functions.  What this means is that you need a Linux server to run WP Sweeper.

WP Sweeper Setup process

To set up WP Sweeper;

  • Purchase subscription
  • Upload the script to your server
  • Run WP Sweeper
  • Your website will be cleaned

WP Sweeper is ideal if your WordPress website has been hacked and you don’t have access to the admin dashboard.

Website: wpsweeper.com

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